Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Precepts Of The Future Goddess

To provide some understanding of the ways and insight into the attitudes of the Next Generation of Woman, these Precepts shall indicate Living Guidelines for a world where humanity shall be Evolved.


1. slaves are a species of playthings created for the pleasure of Women - and are inferior to Women as a Whole

2. We Play as We May - yet even if a Woman crawls, She is higher than a slave

3. slaves are not to be coveted, nor are they to be the source of any disagreement or agitation - 1,000 slaves are not worth one Woman's tear

4. We gain strength with Our connections and that network must therefore be greatly Known, and woven into the fabric of society

5. As Women, We Play Together to keep the World in motion and the Harmony in Balance

6. When one Woman cannot walk, Her Sisters take her Steps

7. One Woman's insistence on freedom and individuality inspires such powers in Us All

8. Depart from anger and breathe in the Wisdom of Your Ancestry

9. Strive For the Future as it must be endlessly obtained through Our Efforts

10. We Laugh and Cry together, in equal measure, as this is Our World Forever.

Monday, April 13, 2015

How YOU Can Share The Message Of Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom: Using The Media

This is part of a series I am doing about EXACT STEPS that anyone can take to promote Matriarchy starting in their immediately local communities. These articles are related to my '1o Ways To Support Matriarchy' video series

Look around your own community and find the Women Leaders. Realize that leaders come in many forms. Leaders in the:




social Issues



Culinary Arts

 Performing Arts

Community Organisation

Event Planning

Public Speaking …and so much more (there is no limit!)

Befriend these Leaders and do your research. Once you feel your 'subject' is right, now it is time to work with the local Media to make a difference
The Local Media? There are also countless forms of Media, perhaps many you have not considered.

Print Media may include local publications (magazines, fanzines, newspapers, poster/flyer distributors, book publishers, etc)

 Audio Visual Media may include: local radio and television, podcasts, YouTube video producers, live performance venues, film theaters, etc

Internet Media may include: local blogs, event guides, online meeting groups, etc

Keep looking! Think LOCAL.
You are seeking ways that people get INFORMATION. The 'Information Providers' you are searching for may provide educational content, news, events, entertainment, interactive/game content….

Why Do This?
Helping information providers (Media) learn about Woman Leaders in their own communities accomplishes many things:
1. Introduces the Media to new content they may not be aware of (they always need new content)

2. Connects Leaders with the Media officially so more awareness can happen on a regular basis

3. Connects the Media with the public on inspirational and transformative issues (such as Female-Led systems)

4. Virally increases awareness everywhere about the topics

5. Benefits your own community with better role models for Women

Start today and make a list of possible 'subjects', Woman Leaders in your community. If you don't know any, go out of your way to find out. Ask around? Attend community events and learn about community organizations and businesses. Then learn about the many Media Options (information providers) in your area
. Everything starts and grows with Connections!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


"I spend the morning modeling my dream car and painting it, then upping the art to Shayna so she can print. It will be great to have a car for the afternoon. (II designed this blue-green affair with seahorse designs around the sides….feeling in an 'aquatic' mood. Then I realize I need something bold for the day so I glance through my wardrobe, notice a distinct lack of animal print and start working on a zebra-striped blazer and jeans. I share the look with some friends, then send it off to print too. Must stay on top of my Style!" Matriarchy means Freedom, and a sometimes overlooked type of freedom is the Creative type. With limitless options, instant gratification and perfect communication sites such as the Stream we will have the greatest ability to self-express in history. Whether it is your own car you want to design, a blazer, earrings, or a lounge chair, the joy of creating individual style will never be more fluidly available. In fact, the term 'Style' will mean far more than it does now and have greater implications. To develop, explore and even promote your Style means everything you design and exhibit to the world. It is an important aspect of your life, another sphere. You will have your various Circles (those you know), your Impact (those who inspire) and Your Style (the WAY you do it) The exploration of Style in the coming Matriarchy will also often be known as your Art, a combination of your visual, literal, conceptual and behavioral work. Everything about you will contribute to your Art, so everyone will be an Artist. In the peace of the Global Gynarchy, your life itself and the ripples it makes will be your Art, your own creation. Just as the Goddess of All Creation brought forth the universe, you too, Sisters will bring forth your own worlds of vision. How will this all be possible? In the patriarchal world, where decisions and systems are 'top-down', where men direct others 'below them' to carry out 'orders', the Earth has been quite a miserable place for so many. This oppressive tradition also creates a horrible phenomenon where creativity is stifled, leading to the stifling of freedom of all types. (if you are not free to truly express yourself, you are on your way to total oppression). Maybe you haven't consider this example, but the reality of large corporations dictating what 'trends' will be popular (and then, available) suppresses creative freedom. If your choices when buying a blazer are limited to what the companies offer on the store rack, you have limited choices, and that means limited freedom on some level. As Matriarchal Sharing Systems increase, improvements like Global Crowd-Sourcing, On-Demand Manufacture, and Completely Accessible Design Systems mean that the large 'top-down' supply systems will be more and ore replaced by 'bottom-up' individual custom supply. You will design your own clothes, furniture, accessories, games, toys,….Life. The worldwide explosion of personally-created sharable content will mean everything will be in Fashion. Wear clothing from any time period, even your own. Have a room that looks like your version of heaven. Bring your dreams to actual life. Eccentricity will be the Norm. - GINA

Monday, March 30, 2015

Real Femdom Means Never Having To See a Dungeon

As I continue the tireless struggle to educate and inspire those about the term 'Femdom' and what it really means (as opposed to what the pornographers want you to THINK it means), I love to discuss the more seemingly superficial aspects of oft-perceived Femdom, though there is great depth to this discussion once you dive in!

Sisters, ask yourself:
Do you want to spend time in a world of convenience, where technology, social structure, science and art, all empower you and everyone around you to live in an advanced environment? Do you like the idea of the best medical science, the best education, the best business ethics, the most sensible environmental policies, Do you look forward to a world where Sisters are free to be as creative and free, as accomplished and responsible, as evolved as possible?

…Or do you w3ant to spend any time in a dark, dirty, smelly, dungeon? A place where sickness breeds, barbaric customs abound, and darkness reigns…..

I am amazed at the common correlation so many people give so-called 'Femdom' to barbaric medieval practices. Sadly, many Sisters I know seem to think the trappings of the Dark Ages are somehow required to exercise Matriarchal behaviors.

Whips and chains? Chastity and mutilation? Punishments and Imprisonments in general? These are the techniques and props from horrible periods in human history, not exactly shining moments where Sisters were empowered.,

Give me a nice, slick and clean place, with every modern possibility. Systems that make life more convenient, communication better, networking better……Sisterhood Better!

Of course I realize that everyone has fantasies and should be free to indulge them if they harm no one. It is easy to rationalize the constant bdsm-style conventions as just that. Another 'style' of expressing fantasy. The issue is that most people still confuse those 'fantasy' elements with real Matriarchy, Gynarchy or Femdom itself. In the end, this public confusion does harm and hinders the progress of the everyday Sister, and her connections to the overall Sisterhood.

By the way, if you think modern convenience is the way, but have no problem tossing men in that dungeon, that's bad too. Men that are sick, infected, unhealthy, imprisoned, etc are not going to help the world. If they are going to exist, they must be healthy, strong and positive forces of energy.

Basically, we have a PR problem.
Think about what real Matriarchy means to you, without any trappings such as bdsm or medieval lifestyles.

Personally, I would never 'dress up' or for anyone (including men) or maintain a dark, dingy room in my house, for men…….because that is the opposite of convenience. That sounds like 'working' for men.

I am not trashing bdsm lifestyles at all. I know many of them and work with them often.
Some Related Articles: The matter I am addressing is the public relations hurdle we all must contend with, and that is why new ideas are needed. I hope this blog and its content can help. - GINA

Some related Resources:

Where Is The Dungeon?

Friday, March 27, 2015

New Term: FEMLED (Female-Led Community, Business, Society) for the Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Real Femdom Future

New Term: FEMLED (Female-Led Community, Business, Society) for the Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Real Femdom Future It's shorter, runs off the tongue and means SO much. 'Female-Led' is a simple enough concept for most to grasp. 'FEMLED' can mean something even greeter, and deeper. By contracting the words, we create a powerful, intuitive state of being. We break AWAY from the 'Marked Woman' issue of being denoted 'Female' After all, who needs 'male' in the very word that denotes your center being, your spirit of the inner Goddess. FEMLED is right to the point. There is no denying the absolute nature of it. We Lead and that's the full story. FEMLED is more than a simple adjective to apply to existing systems. It is a STATE of existance. Perhaps someone or something is in a state of being 'FEMLED', but We are NOT defined by our followers/worshipers. Rather, We are defined on Our Own Terms, by Our Own individualities. In this way, FEMLED is the state of reality We all enter. It is a state that defines the improved evolution of humanity. Spread the term! Use it everyday! The Future is FEMLED! - GINA

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What YOU Can Do To Bring a Female-Led World Into Reality

It is inevitable and unavoidable for many reasons. The Coming Matriarchy. Even if you disagree, it won't matter as archaic patriarchal systems give way to more efficient, humanistic and success-oriented Matriarchal ones. Resistance is expected, of course, as when any large movements occur, with the greatest resistance swelling at the very end. (that is the way of men….to build to a climax of arrogance!)
You may ask what YOU can do to help usher in these changes as smoothly as possible. It will be a very challenging journey as the resistance grows. The job now is to help pave the way, to minimize the challenges as much as possible. You cannot stop it, but can you transition without pain?
We have prepared a simple video to provide inspiration with practical steps YOU can take NOW. This is the first video in an entire series about getting YOU involved. I generally write and am executive producer of the videos, lending talent when I need to. The staff at Creative Planet do the visuals.
I hope you find the video series inspiring and a doorway to healthy discussion.

Monday, March 23, 2015


another great article from GODDESS GINETTE PINAZZO:

It is no secret that most of the popular social media systems are dominated by Us. As Technogynrachy becomes more and more a reality, stems develop that are truly Matriarchal in design.

The 'communication' styes of men are simply not suited for what the world needs: systems that encourage community and global sharing at incredible speeds. The old adage about men not being able to multi-task does come into play here. As systems improve, those who can immerse in multi-dimensional tasks will 'own the information' base.

NOTE: If you grunt and use obscenities in replacement of actual vocabulary, you won't survive in these newer systems, as it will take a more sophisticated mentality to 'keep up' with the emerging global dialogues.

I always say that ONE man may attempt to resist Us, but NO man can resist MANY of Us. When Sisters CONNECT, patriarchy will crumble in its own helplessness. These new sharing systems allow ALL Sisters to connect in ways that men cannot even fathom. With this ability, our great advantage of Leading Together will undermine patriarchal 'chain-of-command' top-down systems, whose very structure depends on rule by solitary, power-hungry men.

There are many developments occurring now, and for the near future that will create an more wonderful Matriarchal Sharing System. One day the Stream will exist, an uninterrupted, endlessly flowing, interactive medium where every type of communication and sharing will be possible. (More about this later)

One example of a needed trend in new Matriarchal Sharing Systems: Male Databases.

These forms of systems will be simple-to-use central databases where any abusive or destructive behavior by men will be entered and tracked by any Sister. As men commit most of the violence on the planet, this information is critical to share. (if a man disrespects One Woman, the rest of Us should know about it!) Databases like this are a great way to hold males truly accountable and better the growing ''breeding process', weeding out the bad ones from a peaceful society.

I hope to discuss more about Technogynarchy and Matriarchal Sharing Systems. Please join the conversation with your comments and Share this article!

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