Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What YOU Can Do To Bring a Female-Led World Into Reality

It is inevitable and unavoidable for many reasons. The Coming Matriarchy. Even if you disagree, it won't matter as archaic patriarchal systems give way to more efficient, humanistic and success-oriented Matriarchal ones. Resistance is expected, of course, as when any large movements occur, with the greatest resistance swelling at the very end. (that is the way of men….to build to a climax of arrogance!)
You may ask what YOU can do to help usher in these changes as smoothly as possible. It will be a very challenging journey as the resistance grows. The job now is to help pave the way, to minimize the challenges as much as possible. You cannot stop it, but can you transition without pain?
We have prepared a simple video to provide inspiration with practical steps YOU can take NOW. This is the first video in an entire series about getting YOU involved. I generally write and am executive producer of the videos, lending talent when I need to. The staff at Creative Planet do the visuals.
I hope you find the video series inspiring and a doorway to healthy discussion.

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