Monday, March 23, 2015


another great article from GODDESS GINETTE PINAZZO:

It is no secret that most of the popular social media systems are dominated by Us. As Technogynrachy becomes more and more a reality, stems develop that are truly Matriarchal in design.

The 'communication' styes of men are simply not suited for what the world needs: systems that encourage community and global sharing at incredible speeds. The old adage about men not being able to multi-task does come into play here. As systems improve, those who can immerse in multi-dimensional tasks will 'own the information' base.

NOTE: If you grunt and use obscenities in replacement of actual vocabulary, you won't survive in these newer systems, as it will take a more sophisticated mentality to 'keep up' with the emerging global dialogues.

I always say that ONE man may attempt to resist Us, but NO man can resist MANY of Us. When Sisters CONNECT, patriarchy will crumble in its own helplessness. These new sharing systems allow ALL Sisters to connect in ways that men cannot even fathom. With this ability, our great advantage of Leading Together will undermine patriarchal 'chain-of-command' top-down systems, whose very structure depends on rule by solitary, power-hungry men.

There are many developments occurring now, and for the near future that will create an more wonderful Matriarchal Sharing System. One day the Stream will exist, an uninterrupted, endlessly flowing, interactive medium where every type of communication and sharing will be possible. (More about this later)

One example of a needed trend in new Matriarchal Sharing Systems: Male Databases.

These forms of systems will be simple-to-use central databases where any abusive or destructive behavior by men will be entered and tracked by any Sister. As men commit most of the violence on the planet, this information is critical to share. (if a man disrespects One Woman, the rest of Us should know about it!) Databases like this are a great way to hold males truly accountable and better the growing ''breeding process', weeding out the bad ones from a peaceful society.

I hope to discuss more about Technogynarchy and Matriarchal Sharing Systems. Please join the conversation with your comments and Share this article!

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