Sunday, April 5, 2015


"I spend the morning modeling my dream car and painting it, then upping the art to Shayna so she can print. It will be great to have a car for the afternoon. (II designed this blue-green affair with seahorse designs around the sides….feeling in an 'aquatic' mood. Then I realize I need something bold for the day so I glance through my wardrobe, notice a distinct lack of animal print and start working on a zebra-striped blazer and jeans. I share the look with some friends, then send it off to print too. Must stay on top of my Style!" Matriarchy means Freedom, and a sometimes overlooked type of freedom is the Creative type. With limitless options, instant gratification and perfect communication sites such as the Stream we will have the greatest ability to self-express in history. Whether it is your own car you want to design, a blazer, earrings, or a lounge chair, the joy of creating individual style will never be more fluidly available. In fact, the term 'Style' will mean far more than it does now and have greater implications. To develop, explore and even promote your Style means everything you design and exhibit to the world. It is an important aspect of your life, another sphere. You will have your various Circles (those you know), your Impact (those who inspire) and Your Style (the WAY you do it) The exploration of Style in the coming Matriarchy will also often be known as your Art, a combination of your visual, literal, conceptual and behavioral work. Everything about you will contribute to your Art, so everyone will be an Artist. In the peace of the Global Gynarchy, your life itself and the ripples it makes will be your Art, your own creation. Just as the Goddess of All Creation brought forth the universe, you too, Sisters will bring forth your own worlds of vision. How will this all be possible? In the patriarchal world, where decisions and systems are 'top-down', where men direct others 'below them' to carry out 'orders', the Earth has been quite a miserable place for so many. This oppressive tradition also creates a horrible phenomenon where creativity is stifled, leading to the stifling of freedom of all types. (if you are not free to truly express yourself, you are on your way to total oppression). Maybe you haven't consider this example, but the reality of large corporations dictating what 'trends' will be popular (and then, available) suppresses creative freedom. If your choices when buying a blazer are limited to what the companies offer on the store rack, you have limited choices, and that means limited freedom on some level. As Matriarchal Sharing Systems increase, improvements like Global Crowd-Sourcing, On-Demand Manufacture, and Completely Accessible Design Systems mean that the large 'top-down' supply systems will be more and ore replaced by 'bottom-up' individual custom supply. You will design your own clothes, furniture, accessories, games, toys,….Life. The worldwide explosion of personally-created sharable content will mean everything will be in Fashion. Wear clothing from any time period, even your own. Have a room that looks like your version of heaven. Bring your dreams to actual life. Eccentricity will be the Norm. - GINA

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