Monday, April 13, 2015

How YOU Can Share The Message Of Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom: Using The Media

This is part of a series I am doing about EXACT STEPS that anyone can take to promote Matriarchy starting in their immediately local communities. These articles are related to my '1o Ways To Support Matriarchy' video series

Look around your own community and find the Women Leaders. Realize that leaders come in many forms. Leaders in the:




social Issues



Culinary Arts

 Performing Arts

Community Organisation

Event Planning

Public Speaking …and so much more (there is no limit!)

Befriend these Leaders and do your research. Once you feel your 'subject' is right, now it is time to work with the local Media to make a difference
The Local Media? There are also countless forms of Media, perhaps many you have not considered.

Print Media may include local publications (magazines, fanzines, newspapers, poster/flyer distributors, book publishers, etc)

 Audio Visual Media may include: local radio and television, podcasts, YouTube video producers, live performance venues, film theaters, etc

Internet Media may include: local blogs, event guides, online meeting groups, etc

Keep looking! Think LOCAL.
You are seeking ways that people get INFORMATION. The 'Information Providers' you are searching for may provide educational content, news, events, entertainment, interactive/game content….

Why Do This?
Helping information providers (Media) learn about Woman Leaders in their own communities accomplishes many things:
1. Introduces the Media to new content they may not be aware of (they always need new content)

2. Connects Leaders with the Media officially so more awareness can happen on a regular basis

3. Connects the Media with the public on inspirational and transformative issues (such as Female-Led systems)

4. Virally increases awareness everywhere about the topics

5. Benefits your own community with better role models for Women

Start today and make a list of possible 'subjects', Woman Leaders in your community. If you don't know any, go out of your way to find out. Ask around? Attend community events and learn about community organizations and businesses. Then learn about the many Media Options (information providers) in your area
. Everything starts and grows with Connections!

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  1. Gina & i have worked and continue to work to help Gynarchy flourish & grow. We both nourish it knowing we are doing the right thing for our world. Gynarchy is both natural & inevitable